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Onion Blossom

We continued to support Japanese fairs during the crisis and north Japan products now. Sake seems like a good choice. We saw a Fukushima sake on the menu of Itacho sushi chain the other day and ordered it. Thanks for highlighting your support!

Good for you. This makes me wish I could drink more. But I don't think things will improve in Tohoku anytime soon, so when Shuma is fully weaned it won't be too late to start doing my part! -Amy


hehe Shuma is so damn adorable. He is looking preciously cute with the stripes & white cap.

Thanks! I do love stripes on babies. -Amy


lovely picnic! I've been buying rice from the region.

That's great, Kat. I'd just bought a giant bag of rice from Costco when the earthquake hit, and it's going to be a loooong time before I get to try some Tohoku rice. -Amy


i love the picture of shuma touching the flowers on the tree. so cute!

Thanks! He wouldn't have done it a few weeks ago, it's only quite recently that he's taking an interest in things (other than toys) around him and trying to touch them. I'm very pleased with the timing! -Amy


The first picture is so cute!
Shuma was an appearance of facinating in cherry blossoms.


First hanami for Shuma!
Thanks for all these beautiful pics.. Nature is wonderful and Shuma is always so cute and so funny!! I'm sure he enjoyed picnic with Mom and Dad :)
Yummy picnic!! I wish I was there XD


That first picture is pure magic. ^-^


the sakura looks beatiful! as does shuma! i spy you have an ergo?-they're great aren't they! what have you attached to the straps? it seems like a great way to protect them from drool..might have to be a copycat and do something similar to ours..mika is starting to dribble a LOT!

Yup, it's an Ergo and we love it. Those are baby leg warmers (are those available where you are? they're hugely popular here). I'd been seeing other parents doing it and wondering the same thing as you, and when the drooling started I figured it out for myself. Not only does it protect the carrier but it lets me change the look of my rather plain carrier. -Amy


Shuma et son sourire de charmeur.....ADORABLE!

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